Are you more like Brendon, turning up and calling up your friends on a Friday night (or weekday morning at 5 am) to go dancing? Or are you like Brittney – the friend on the receiving end of the call who is probably in her PJs reading a book because you set a goal to finish it by the end of the week? In episode 27 Brendon and Brittney tell you all of their tips and tricks for getting shit done while still having fun along the way. You’ll learn real goal setting strategies and how to break big dreams down into small daily steps. Programming guru Brendon and your leading lady in lifting also share advice on off season training and turning your weaknesses into strengths.

Click “play” now to level up in life and lifting.

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Projekt Possible – Getting Shit Done vs. Just Having Fun in Life and Lifting with Brittney Bergen and Brendon Kozack