Welcome to April everyone. Apparently over the weekend some people managed to get a sunburn? I didn’t spend too much time outside on Saturday because I was cooped up in here coaching all morning and then enjoying a nice 60 minute row for max meters. And when I say enjoying I mean suffering of course. Either or, the sun’s out (which means the guns are also out?) and there’s no snow on the ground so we can start running again! It’s been a long few months of constant rowing so I am MORE than ready to hit the pavement. Aside from that, we’re “back at it again” to crown the MVP for the month of March here at CFV. For this past month she has displayed a real dedication to the program and has really taken it upon herself to enjoy her time here more and have more fun overall. Ladies and gents, our March 2016 Athlete of the Month is Shana Kerr.

Shana has always been weirdly good at almost everything we throw at her. I can’t speak too much on the amount of sports she played (if many) while growing up, but she’s an extremely athletic individual and picks up mostly everything we lay down for her. It also helps that she actually listens to what we tell her to do and then applies it to whatever she’s doing, funny how that works so well hey? Thanks for listening Shana lol. Besides her exceptional athletic ability and performance within the gym, I’m most impressed by a few other things – a few other things that have been a little while in the making. It was probably shy of a year ago that Shana was an avid member of the competition crew. She would come in with the squad and trudge her way through the work, and she did extremely well! She hit new PR’s, continued to progress with her conditioning, but it started to take a toll. She had mentioned at one point that she just wasn’t having much fun with it anymore. It felt like “work” when she came in and did these workouts. And trust me, they were. They weren’t easy. And Shana’s whole premise behind working out was that it was fun and she enjoyed it, it was something she looked forward to and something she WANTED to do. She would sign up for the occasional competition as well, but the driving factor behind that was also to get out there and have fun too. It wasn’t as fun as it used to be. So she took a step back and went back to the performance program (one step below competition). I think this was one the best things she could have consciously recognized and did for herself, and that can be a tough battle to fight. She made a decision that she wanted to enjoy it again, have fun with it and still work on her weaknesses – but bring that excitement back. I know this feeling all too much so I can respect it 110%. Since then she comes in and truly works on the things she knows she needs to, even if the weight is light and she can probably do more. She’s much more engaged and (as always) an absolute pleasure to have in class. If you can take anything away from this it’s that you can’t forget why you decided to start doing it in the first place. Everyone has their own reasons, but in the end it’s supposed to something you enjoy and something you look forward to. Thank you Shana for coming in every class in a cheerful mood no matter what the day brought, and thank you for reminding me why I also decided to start on this journey as well. Go celebrate with some popcorn.

Shana Kerr
Favorite WOD: “Fight Gone Bad”
Least Favorite WOD: 14.5/16.5 or Anything With Running
Why CrossFit?
I love that CrossFit gives me the opportunity to learn something new every single time I set foot in the gym. Whether it’s learning to perfect my form for a big lift, learning to push myself even when I really, really, really want to give up, or learning that no matter what I have – the whole entire gym is behind me to cheer me on and motivate me to do better.
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