Ever imagine Kelly Starrett jumping out of your birthday cake, lightly dusted in icing sugar? Neither did we, but listening to this episode with the man behind Mobility WOD and his new book Deskbound will transform any ordinary day into one that is just that special. Kelly shares his journey from college student, floating around in a raft (did you know he was an elite rafter, and his wife is a world champion whitewater rafter?), to top entrepreneur, physiotherapist, and author in the fitness industry. Through his story he takes us back – old school – sharing what it was like to launch a CrossFit affiliate in pre-Rogue days and a time when there were only 50 such facilities in the world. Want to know the biggest mistake athletes and the ordinary population are making today? Interested to know the difference between mobility that is helping your performance, and stretching that could lead to an injury? Just like that mental picture of the YouTube famous man leaping out of a perfectly frosted (but not necessarily the healthiest for you) tiered pastry, this episode is the perfect balance between fun and knock-some-sense-into-you reality.

Listen now to learn the mistakes that we’re making (and passing on to future generations) in and out of the gym, and how you can fix them.

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Projekt Possible – Deskbound to Gymbound: Increasing Quality of Life with Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD

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