Happy Monday kids! You caught me, this post was probably supposed to be up a few days ago, but as you can see from the announcement last night – we’ve been pretty busy lol. BUT, we still need to crown the champion for the month of April (best month of the year IMO) so here we are. Over the past 8 weeks this man has been on a war path whether he wishes to believe it or not, he’s an active member of VSC and is currently in the 8th of 12 weeks into our OP Beach Season Program as well. Ladies and gents our Athlete of the Month for April 2016 goes out to Josh Slack.

If you don’t come to workout at 6:00 AM then there’s a good chance that you’ve never met Josh in your life lol. Josh moved to Regina just about a year ago (pretty sure) and he works at a place called Spartan Controls which is pretty darn close to the palace of fitness here. He initially showed up because someone had recommended he come here from Martensville (whoever that was thank you)! Right off the bat Josh fit in with the crew and it took no time at all for him to be a part of the 6:00 AM gang of hustlers. After a little while he had mentioned to me that he usually has a little back pain but nothing too crazy, so we kept an eye on it just to be safe. A little more time went by and after about a full week of not seeing him I tossed him a message to see how he was and where he had went! Turns out that he had done something to his back and it might be a little more than just “back pain” , so I referred him to a physio to get it checked out. In the meantime before he got in to get it checked out he would make trips to the chiro and massage therapist as well, but it wasn’t until after that trip to the physio that he found out he would have to take a little time off to help get his back on track (see what I did there). So after a short time off Josh messaged me up and said he’s ready to get back into it, this was also roughly the same time OP Beach Season was firing up, and he said he wanted to do it because he needed something to help him pull his ass back in here. Ever since then (about Feb-March) he’s been back and moving extremely well. It’s always exciting to see someone come back after having an injury of some sort for whatever reason (past or present) and dive right back into the mix with even more intensity than before. This was Josh. Not only is he back and healthier than ever, he’s managed to shed 10-12 pounds off so far and is creeping up pretty close to meeting one of his 2016 goals, which was to beat a fellow 6:00 AM grinder in a workout. If you know Josh then you know he’s there for the laughs and good times with the fellas, but don’t get it twisted – he puts in the work when it’s needed. Also, he just told me recently that he was on the kids TV show “Uh-Oh” when he was a kid, so the MVP for April was pretty much a lock after that. Keep up the hard work Josh, see you bright and early!

Josh Slack
Favorite WOD: Anything Under 3 Minutes
Least Favorite WOD: Anything Over 3 Minutes.
Why VSC?
It feels like I am attending a sporting event VS going to the gym. I think of CrossFit as a time to just come hang out with the morning crew. I like how we are competitive amongst one another but couldn’t be happier when someone kicks our A$$. Makes us want to be better.
One Word that Best Describes: Jiving