What’s that they used to say? Better late than never? Yes it’s halfway through the month, but don’t worry!!! I haven’t forgotten about you fitness freaks looking for all the hot gossip in the VSC world of pumping iron. I’ll take most of the blame for the late post as I went to Toronto for the weekend at the end of the month and neglected the typewriter, I’d love to say it was Tom’s fault but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say that in my life. The show goes on. We’re here once again to celebrate another month of fitness, with that comes the MVP for the month of May, you might have guessed it because I already said his name – and because the title of this post reveals it. Congratulations out to Mr. Tom Stewart for being our Athlete of the Month for May 2016!!!

Hopefully Tom can read this, I know he’s all secretive about his social media because of the job. Once again, the show goes on. I do remember when Tom had initially come in for his On-Ramp Classes back when we were still running them, I could tell he was extremely professional and eager to learn based off the first class. He already looked like he knew what he was doing (had prior experience at Level 10) but he would still follow along with the class and give me his 110% attention. I can’t remember if I said it out loud that day or not but I remember thinking at least that he was a stand up guy and I’m sure we’ll get along famously. Tom’s an RCMP officer here in town, but also had some time in the military back in the day when he lived on the east coast. So naturally I struck up some convos with him seeing as though I spent a little time with the green machine as well, I don’t want to sound creepy but Tom kind of reminds me of me in some ways. Shared a lot of the same interests and he (like myself) is a man of routine. Every morning he strolls in within a 4 minute window of the exact same time frame, usually the first one in, and gets warmed up for the workout. He always preaches it; routine, routine, routine. And he’s absolutely right. If you’ve sat down and had a coffee with me you’d know that routine is one of my main tools to success. Tom’s work ethic is unmatched, he gets shit done. You give him something to do and he’ll do it. The only thing really holding him back initially for the first few months were himself. He still has the odd day when it happens now and again but not as frequent as it used to. He has a habit of overthinking things when he’s in the gym. And when Tom overthinks something he tends to psych himself out. Then when Tom psychs himself out it’s hard to get his head back in the game. Since the first few months he came in it was a little frustrating to see the only barrier holding him back was his mind – it’s been an incredible road ever since. I can’t even count the number of PR’s he’s hit this past month, 365lbs back squat, 205lbs push press for 2, 400lbs deadlift (this was a big win). All PR’s not only because he’s been working his ass off day in and day out, being there EVERY MORNING at 6:00 AM and getting stronger. He’s been getting a little more comfortable with the weights and in turn looks like he’s more confident in himself. Tom you’re an absolute weapon. All the attributes you carry with you today I hope to pick up someday as well. Keep telling that annoying voice in your head to pipe down and get his own sandwich – congrats.

Tom Stewart
Favorite WOD: “Fight Gone Bad”
Least Favorite WOD: Anything With Burpees
Why CrossFit?
I started at Villains last August because my family thought I needed a change. I must admit my first couple of classes I thought I was going to die. At the same time I was hooked, where else can you lift heavy weights then be asked to attack a WOD, finding yourself praying for someone to say TIME? Since then I have had the pleasure of spending four mornings a week with the 6:00 AM crew. We all push, encourage and inspire each other all the while having sharing lots of laughs.
One Word That Best Describes You: Driven.