This week on Projekt Possible we sat down with two of the best female weightlifters the U.S. has ever seen, Jessica Lucero and her coach Aimee Everett. Aimee shares how being raised and coached by Mike Burgener set her up for success in lifting, business, and even love. Jess tells us about her new goals now that the 2016 Olympics are out of the question. If you’re struggling with the mental part of weightlifting, Jess and Aimee have advice for you. If there’s jealousy amongst athletes in your gym this dream team explains how they create a perfect environment for progress.

Jessica and Aimee can both snatch around 200 lbs, clean and jerk around 250 lbs, and squat around 360 lbs, and when girls have numbers like that, you probably want to sit down, ask great questions, and listen – and that’s exactly what we did. We hope you love it!

Jess has a Facebook page – Jessica Lucero. You can find her on Instagram @jessicalucero9 and snap chat jessicas979.

Aimee tells you what’s what on Instagram @aimees2cents and you can check out their website

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Projekt Possible – Episode 39: Jessica Lucero and Aimee Everett on Olympic Dreams and Winning Teams