This will probably be the quickest Athlete of the Month post you’ll see in regards to turn around – given my sub par blogging habits over the past month or so. We’re almost into November and I’m just getting around to posting the MVP for the month of September, but Octobers star will be posted next week as well! For the month of September I chose this individual not only for the hard work obviously put in over the month, but the dedicated persistence to the process over the course of an entire year – and of course making us all laugh along the way. The MVP here at Villains Strength & Conditioning for the month of September goes out to Micheal Head!!!

First off, Mike doesn’t even have Facebook so I’ll have to turn off my internet so I can use the telephone to call him and let him know the article is up. Weirdly enough he has Snapchat though. Anyway, Mike came in February of last year and had already had some lifting experience under his belt. He had been decently active growing up and still plays basketball to date with the boys on weekends, so showing him the ropes around the gym wasn’t too tough. One thing I’ll always admire about Mike is that he always has a positive outlook on everything, and even if things aren’t quite going his way he realizes that it’s not anyone else’s problem and no need to bring them down to that level. He just continues on with his day. Something like that is tough to find now a days in my opinion, in a world filled with vessels of opportunity to vent non stop via social media or what have you – he recognizes that sitting around pouting about a problem isn’t going to solve it. So what does he do instead? He takes steps towards solving the problem the best way he can. This year he has really taken to the Olympic lifting side of things and has sought out extra help with his lifts which have paid off IMMENSELY. His snatch and clean & jerk numbers are still on the rise each day he comes in. Secret tool or tactic? Practice. He comes in and puts the work in. And if that’s not enough, Mike lives in Balgonie but still manages to make time to get to the 6:00 AM class 3-4 times a week then go back and get ready to teach in Indian Head during the day. Along with the eagerness to continue improving and learning, Mike also understands that a PR may not come every 6 or 8 weeks, but when it does he appreciates it and all the hard work he did to get there. The simple fact that we’re here day in and day out working on our health and fitness, and having a good time while doing so is something that a lot of people take for granted and get to caught up in the moment and take it a little too seriously. Yes, we love what we do and take it seriously, but we also enjoy the shit out of it and continue to do so each and every day. Mike demonstrates a love for the process unlike very few have and he’ll always have my respect for it. Congrats on the excellent work Mike, I look forward to the conversations where we casually slip in movie quotes when no one else ever notices and then laugh like idiots while they still have no idea what’s happening. Cheers – it’s a jelly.

Micheal Head
Favorite WOD: Fran
Least Favorite WOD: Fight Gone Bad
Why CrossFit?
I’d been working out consistently for quite a few years and would typically combine bodybuilding type of workouts with running and taking part in boot camp classes periodically for my fitness. I got tired of the typical chest and tri’s Mondays, back and bi’s Tuesdays, etc. and wanted something new and I found CrossFit. I initially loved how it combined weightlifting with conditioning, how there were coaches there to help me with my lifts to improve upon them, and how I could compete against myself and others on workouts. The thing that has kept me at VSC has been the community of people at the gym. Being able to go the gym for a workout and simultaneously being able to joke, laugh, and goof around (which tends to be my nature) with all of the great people there keeps me coming back…. Oh, and the mad gainz too obviously!
One Word That Best Describes You: Goofy