Happy hump day fitness freaks! Hopefully you rose this morning with excitement that it’s another day in paradise, and we indeed get to lift some weights. What a time to be alive. Our meeting here is gathered to show some appreciation to an individual who’s shown some dedication and hustle to the game, the PRESTIGIOUS award of athlete of the month. Our MVP for the month of October goes out to none other than Nikki Langford!!!

As you’ll read below, Nikki initially came in with her (soon to be) husband Aaron because they wanted to lose a little weight before the big day. I vividly remember them saying that when they came in, and I also remember chuckling a little to myself in my head because I knew what was in store for them. Whether they knew it or not. Owning a CrossFit gym is a little different than regular gym in my opinion – I see so many different types of people when they walk in the door coming in for their own reasons, but very few know what actually lies within these four walls. You can bring me anyone and I’ll help them get in shape, no problem there. The real challenge for myself and my coaches is to find that driving factor within someone and uncover the real reason why they’re here. Sure Nikki had just come in because she wanted to get ready for the wedding, but we dug deeper. She was already in some pretty decent shape when she came in, but there was SO much more to be had. At first it was very hard for her to push the limits because she had no idea where her potential was, leaving her a little discouraged on some days and maybe questioning her self confidence. But she kept coming. Through some positive affirmation in telling her that she could do more than she had thought, and giving her that extra nudge every once in a while to remind her to be more confident in herself – the results started flooding in. She moved from the health & fitness program here at the gym to the performance program in no time, hitting some new PR’s, but more importantly I saw she started taking some chances. Believing in herself and trusting that she can do more. One of my biggest goals when someone walks in the door here is to give them that feeling of confidence through the things they achieve in here, and then take it with them wherever else they go. On top of seeing some amazing progress here in the gym, she started working with one of our nutrition coaches here – Alanna, and has seen some OUTSTANDING results so far. She’s always up for a challenge, and when she has a goal in mind she puts her head down and goes after it. Thanks for letting me tell you that you can probably throw a little more weight on the bar, and thank you for trusting yourself and being confident in what you can do. If there’s ever an apocalypse of Death Eaters that come to wipe us all out – I’ll be sticking with you. Congrats Nikki!

Nikki Langford 
Favorite WOD: Anything with Deadlifts
Least Favorite WOD: “Fight Gone Bad” or Anything with Running
Why CrossFit?
Aaron and I originally wanted to try CrossFit to lose some weight before our wedding. We got a lot of flack at first (“Oh, you’re going to be one of THOSE people”) and others assumed we would simply stop going once the wedding was over. Although it was intimidating at first, we powered through the workouts and found out that we enjoyed the results. I discovered that I was capable of much more than I gave myself credit for. I became leaner, tougher, and suddenly proud of the things my body could accomplish (without dying!).
One Word That Best Describes You: Sarcastic