Woahhhhh, happy February everyone! Hopefully you enjoyed January because IT’S ALREADY GONE. Lol wow. Quick month for me – not sure about you guys, but none the less we’re here (late yes) to crown the MVP for the last month of 2016. The December 2016 Athlete of the Month goes out to Curtis Hart! Congrats my dude, I appreciate your consistency, and the fact that you’re usually always there when we shoot a video is pretty neat too.

Curt came on board with us last summer when I initially introduced our new SWEAT class at the time. Right from the get go he moved really well and had the gas tank to match, made my job pretty easy. He would usually come in for 2 or all 3 of the SWEAT classes each week and just kill all the workouts. I wasn’t sure what his plan was or what goals he had in mind beyond just the usual, “Stay healthy and get in better shape.” So one day I was about to email Curt and see, but to my surprise he sent me an email right before I decided to send him one, and in the email he stated he wanted to come to some regular classes and do some more strength training. YES! I knew he was ready and I was excited to see him continue to progress. Fun fact about Curt – he’s lost over 100lbs. You would never know by looking at the guy, but he had told that me back in high school around graduation he weighed about 300lbs. He started doing some running and eating better, but he said he found himself losing a bunch of weight, but then falling off the wagon a little and then putting some weight back on. No doubt when he came in he already looked like he was in great shape, but much as most people struggle with consistency – it was a small factor for him as well. Fast forward to now and he’s going out of his way to make sure he gets his workouts in, his weight and overall performance in and out of the gym has been pretty damn consistent, and it’s been a pleasure to listen to his story. For someone to make such a drastic change in their life is a huge accomplishment on it’s own, and then to truly see it on his face that he’s enjoying his life is what makes my job so awesome. Curt might not look too huge but he can lift some serious weight now, clocking in a deadlift in the 300+ range and his back squat not too far behind. There’s plenty more where that came from Curt!!! Keep up the awesome work dude.

Curtis Hart
Favorite WOD: Anything with deadlifts or back squats.
Least Favorite WOD: “12 Days of Christmas” . . . Ironic.
Why CrossFit?
I was looking to explore a different workout than what I had previously tried as I had not been consistent with my workouts routines before. I had no experience with CrossFit previously and tried a “sweat” class as an introduction. My physical health has always been on the back burner because of one excuse or another, but the challenges and success that I have experienced at Villains participating in their sweat classes, WOD’s, or workshops has helped me establish a foundation to make it my priority. Not only has it helped with my physical health but now it is an active part of my self-care routine in supporting my mental health as well. I would like to thank Brendon and the coaches at Villains for their knowledge, expertise, and ….patience with me.
One Word That Best Describes You: Ambitious. . . Or Stubborn AF.