“I don’t have enough time.” We’ve all said this at some point in our life. We even bust out this excuse when it comes to the things we know are best for us – like improving our nutrition or our fitness.
Well, some people might tell you it’s impossible to create more time.
Not me.

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My name is Brittney. I’m the creator of a company called Idealistic Isabel.  We focus on nutrition and fitness as a path to personal development.

In my utopian world, unicorns and dragons exist. Also, it’s possible to create more time for the things you love – like yourself – and I want to take you with me. Are you ready? (As romanticized as my world may seem, I’m going to give you practical tips on how to transform your body and your life.)

Here are my Top Six Ways to Increase the Amount of Time You Have for Your Health:

6. Ditch Your Cell Phone

Gah! Yes, the Idealistic Lady started with a shot right to the jugular.

But I’ll have you know, you’re talking to a social media diva here. I know how hard it is to put that dopamine-delivering device down!

I also know how much time the Facebook – Instagram – Text Message – Snap Chat flow can siphon out from my day.

Start by counting how many times you check your phone in a day (seriously, do it). Average each one of those times at 5 minutes per time, and you’ll get a ballpark figure of how much time you could be
spending on your nutrition, or at the gym (do you hate me yet? I swear I’m telling you this because I love you.)

Then, go into your settings and turn off all your notifications (seriously, do it).

Soon, the drive to check your phone will decrease:
• you’ll have more time to do the things that will help you feel better in the long run, instead of the instant buzz from another “like”
• your mood will become consistently better because you’ll be in control of it
• your body will become healthier and sexier as you spend more time with it, instead of comparing it to others on social media (come on, we all do it)

5. Put Siri to Work

I know you don’t miss your hair appointment or a meeting for your kids’ activities. Look at your meal prep time and your workouts the same way.

Write them in your schedule or ask Siri to enter them in your phone’s calendar. Even though you might, your consistent computer friend won’t forget to remind you of what’s truly important to you.

There will never be a perfect time to do the things that are going to make you better. Now is the time. Stop reading right now and enter your meal prep, and workout schedule into your calendar.

Make that your regular Sunday habit, and you’ll be well on your way to your best bod in 4 weeks.

4. Go For the Right Kind of Fast Food

Life happens. Sometimes things come up that run into your meal prep or workout times. This is where one of my favourite quotes comes into play: “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

If you’re in a pinch as far as food goes, don’t go to the Fast Food Joint around the corner. Head to the grocery store and pick up some already prepared whole-food options. Buy a roasted chicken, a veggie tray or a bagged salad, and choose your favorite whole food fats. I like nut butter, avocados, or dark chocolate.

#34 (53)In my world, unicorns and dragons live in harmony and dark chocolate counts as a whole food.

Carbs are the tough one to get on the go. So, throw on a pot of rice while you’re doing your laundry or steam some sweet potatoes while you’re sending your emails.

As for workouts? A 10 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 10 air squats, 10 push ups, and 10 sit-ups will do. Go for a 20-minute jog. Do a quick yoga flow. Anything is better than nothing and it’s about progress – not perfection.

Doing better this month than you did last month is what will get you to your best self over time. Taking a few minutes to work towards your health and fitness goals every day adds up to hours in a month. Can you take a few minutes out after reading this for some mobility, a healthy snack, or a glass of water?

3. Believe You’re Worth It, Dammit!

When I hear, “I don’t have time for that,” what I’m really hearing is, “I’m not worth the time and energy that would take.” (First a shot to the jugular, now a dagger to the heart. I know. #sorrynotsorry)

You have the time. You really do. And you’re not a bad person for not taking the time for yourself – you’re human; we all do it.

Most of us are so busy doing things for others, and checking off all the things we feel like we should do, that at the end of the day we have no energy left for ourselves or the things we actually want to do.

The funny thing is, all of us know if we spent more time on ourselves, we’d have more to give to those we love. And if we fill ourselves up doing the things we want to do, eventually we’ll be so full of energy, we’ll even want to do all of the things that a few hours ago we were dreading as things we should do.

Believe you’re worth the time it takes to eat well, exercise, and do the things that bring you pleasure:
• Use affirmations like, “I am worthy,” and “I deserve this”
• Try looking yourself in the eye in the mirror and saying, “I love you”
• Make a regular practice out of stating your self-worth

You have the time it takes to take care of yourself. You just need to believe you’re worth it.

#34 (54)

Finally, I told you I believe you could make more time, and so far I’ve just taught you how to juggle it. It would be a jerk move if I let you go now.

Here are two quick tips for creating more time:

2. Get Really Present

When we are fully absorbed in the present moment – when we are in a flow-state – we can actually alter the passage of time and create more of it.

Other people call this entering “the Eternal Now.”

Now, maybe you still don’t believe in unicorns, and you’ve never discovered the eternal now. But I imagine you’ve had moments where you were having so much fun you forgot about time and it passed in a strange way.

Maybe you were out, chatting with a friend and looked at the clock and said, “Oh my god, I can’t believe it’s been two hours,” or you were compulsively cleaning your house and thought, “Wow, I got a lot done in twenty minutes.”

By being in the present moment, you’ll be able to get more done than ever before.

1. Transform Your Time Talk
Our words and self-talk create our reality.

If you’re constantly saying, “I don’t have enough time,” I imagine you feel overwhelmed and like your to-do list never shrinks.

How do you think you’d feel if, instead you shifted your mindset to, “There’s always enough time for everything I want to do,” or “There’s no need to rush.” (Maybe, calmer? Maybe, you’d even get a lot more shit done!)

Borrow one of my affirmations about time, or make up your own, and you might be surprised at its impact on your life.

The Bittersweet End (Like Dark Chocolate?)

There you have it, friend. While I may not have proved to you that unicorns and dragons are real (or that chocolate counts as a whole food), I hope I gave you a tactic or two to implement to have more time for you!

You deserve it.

If you liked this post, head to idealisticisabel.com.  Check out our blog, as well as our nutrition, fitness, and personal growth programs.  I imagine you’ll find something there that you love almost as much as I love chocolate.