We all know that it sucks to be totally focused on hitting your macros over the holidays and the truth is, not many people actually do it.  Here are some little tips for staying balanced and enjoying the holidays without waking up on Boxing Day, regretting every decision you made the previous days!

  1. Have a plan – make note of how many dinners or lunches you have to attend this holiday season and have a plan for the meals around that. Stick to lean proteins (think white meat and egg whites) and veggies!
  2. Don’t starve yourself before hand – going to a big dinner when you’re super hungry is only going to set you up for failure. You will definitely over eat and you will definitely eat WAY too quickly. You may also get drunk rather fast and need to have a nap on your grandmother’s bed.  Nobody wants to be the relative that passed out!
  3. Eat mindfully – be aware of what you are eating. Take your time. ENJOY what you are eating. Don’t just sit there and race your uncle to finish your plate so you can get back to the stuffing before he does! This is a time where you will be a little looser with your eating; make sure it’s worth it! Taste everything! We mean REALLY taste it!!
  4. Fill your plate with good choices – just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need nutritious food. Fill your plate with veggies and meat and leave a quarter of it for carbs and fats!
  5. Make minimums for yourself – set some boundaries and stick to them. Examples of this might be, “I will eat three servings of vegetables today” or “I will make sure to hit 75% of my protein goal today”. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself this holiday season but remember you goals and why you choose to do what you do. Include your healthy lifestyle into the holiday season and you will be thankful you did!
  6. Drink a lot of water – water helps keep you full and it helps with digestion. We usually suggest trying to drink a glass of water between every festive beverage. This will also help with you not ending up napping in grandmother’s bed! (Ahem, see the past part of #2)
  7. Choose treats you can’t always have – if there is your mom’s famous, only made at Christmas time gingerbread cookies sitting out and Lindt chocolates… choose the cookie and pass on the chocolate all together! You can ALWAYS get Lindt chocolates; you’re going to have a wait a year for another cookie! No point on wasting some calories on something you can go and buy half off in a week and fit into your macros as a treat one day!
  8. Choose a smaller plate at the dessert table – if you’re going to be making multiple selections, don’t give yourself the option to fill up a huge plate. Take a small plate, take smaller pieces of dessert. Be mindful.
  9. MOVE – get out and move, especially after a big meal. This will help you feel better, help with digestion and help burn some calories. You could also make a little body weight work out to do in the morning, start your day off with some movement and feeling energized!
  10. Be mindful of the snacking table – we all tend to stand around the snacking table, talk, drink and SNACK. This all adds up VERY quickly. Take a small plate and remove yourself from the table. Again, be mindful!
  11. Aim for “better” rather than “perfect” – no one is going to be perfect at Christmas. This isn’t the time for that! Just take our tips and aim to be a little better than previous years. Choose your favourite dessert and nothing more. Eat extra veggies and lean meat. Mix your drinks with low calorie options or water. There are a lot of little things you can do that help you feel better about your choices the next day!
  12. Be kind to yourself – no one ever gets anywhere when they are mean to themselves. If you over indulge, it is not the end of the world! It’s just a few days out of your life! You know what you need to do the following days – drink a lot of water, get your veggie and protein intake back up, and get right back on track with your routine! Chances are if you read this list and stayed mindful, you were already better off than before!

From Alanna and Julie with Confidence and Cores we wish you a holiday season full of light and love!  Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another year of encouraging self-love, confidence and personal growth.  You all deserve to be happy and healthy!  You all deserve a very warm and Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year yet!