Yep, you read that correctly. a 2 YEAR PLATEAU. Most people get stuck in this plateau whirlwind for many years – so don’t worry if this sounds like you! We don’t have any secret formula or fancy recipe that helps people. We don’t teach any exercises or circuits that burn more fat than the rest. We’re just a team of passionate people who actually give a shit about your progress, and will work with you tirelessly to find the approach that best serves YOU and YOUR LIFE.
If you’re tired of the plateau, tired of starting over again, falling off the wagon, binge eating, etc etc – check out Coach B’s personal schedule to come in and chat. We need to know what’s actually happening in your life, where you’re at, and what your goals are in order to assess your situation. Because unless we’re 100% certain we can help out – we don’t even make an offer to people to work with us.