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FoodBusters 002 – Debunking the Detox Diet

WE’RE BACK, with another edition of FoodBusters! Today we’ll be having a little chat about detoxes, cleanses, juices etc etc. Why are people doing these? Are they suitable for weight loss? What the hell is a toxin and how are these being flushed out of my... read more

3 Ab Exercises For a Stronger Deadlift

A strong midline is imperative to your success when it comes to lifting weights, but it’s also a necessity for life. Back health can be preserved if core strength is always on the to do list, and if you have problems keeping your back straight during a deadlift... read more

Rows For The Bros

Any upper back work is great for the shoulders. It can help rehab some previous injury to the shoulder, or simply strengthen the posterior to provide a solid upper back for squats, presses, etc etc. BUT, if you’re doing them like this – you might not be... read more

Tight Hamstrings No More!

Whether you’re a little stiff from sitting down all day at work, or maybe you had a killer leg day at the gym – one of these hamstring stretches could be the answer you’re looking for. Keep those hamstrings healthy to avoid knee pain, and continue to... read more

Life in Sweatpants

What a beautiful tragedy to recognize the need and hunger for more, a constant push or search for that next best thing that might hold the key to the door you’ve been desperately pounding on for what it feels like an eternity. A beautiful tragedy indeed that... read more