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Bad Shoulder Posture? Try This.

The shoulders are like most women in every man’s life. They do way more for us than we’ll ever know, they don’t get nearly enough credit – and we can DEFINITELY do a better job in giving them some more love 😉 Let’s slip some more upper... read more

HOW TO: Build An Upper Back of the Gods

One of the staples in upper back training – also incredibly easy to mess up. We utilize upper back movements in order to strengthen the muscles in our back to help keep the shoulders healthy. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a fitness junkie... read more

Back to Basics: The Goblet Squat

Too many people out here trying to solve grade 12 algebra problems with grade 3 math. The basics are there for a reason people – THEY SET THE TONE! They’re the foundation of ALL our progress and growth moving forward. No wonder why everyone gets so... read more

Smashing Through a 2 YEAR Plateau

Yep, you read that correctly. a 2 YEAR PLATEAU. Most people get stuck in this plateau whirlwind for many years – so don’t worry if this sounds like you! We don’t have any secret formula or fancy recipe that helps people. We don’t teach any... read more