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January 2018 Athlete of the Month – Donna Dupont

Hump day indeed! Welcome back gang, while this post comes at you caffeine free (as of right now) – it’s got some serious firepower behind it. I’m extremely excited to announce the first Athlete of the Month in 2018, congratulations to an OG Villain... read more

Posture 101 – How To Fix It

Long day sitting down at a desk? Where my keyboard warriors at! Whether it’s recovering from a tough shoulder day at the gym, or just feeling a little slouchy after a long day – give these mobility exercises a go. Stop by for a free intro session and find... read more

Forearm Mash To Ease Wrist Pain

We’re back again for another mobility drill – this time we’re looking at the wrist. A long day at the office typing away can wreak some havoc on the forearms, or if you’re an electrician or mechanic spending your days twisting your wrist and... read more

Always Squatting In Your Toes? Try This.

No matter what you do or try, you always end up on your toes in the bottom of the squat when you’re trying to keep your chest up? Or if you do keep the weight back in the heels you can only go down so far and your chest basically touches your thighs? Let’s... read more

3 Ways To Use Your Glutes More In Your Squat

Always a hot topic – how can we better engage the glutes while squatting? We’ve done a couple videos already on accessory exercises and warm ups to help warm up/engage the glutes – today we’re looking at a few variations of a big lift. The... read more

December 2017 Athlete of the Month – Shane Grand

Ahoy! Welcome back to another coffee infused look into my brain, as we dive deep into the some of the most exciting posts I will ever write. Or maybe the most weird – you can be the judge. Nevertheless, we’re here to crown the MVP her at VSC for the month... read more