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Intro to the Push Jerk

LEARN A NEW LIFT FOR YOUR NEXT SHOULDER DAY IN 3:00 Picking up where we left off with the push press, here’s a quick tutorial and a couple easy progressions to introduce the push jerk into your workout. Be weary, if your overhead mobility/stability isn’t... read more

Front Squats For Leg Strength

There’s a million ways to skin a cat with this bad boy, not to mention all the countless other lifts you could be utilizing to strengthen the legs. In this video we’ll take a look into how to properly set up for a front squat that works best FOR YOU, and... read more

Overhead Mobility to Press Like The Pros

Upper back sore/achy from sitting at a desk all day? Or maybe you’re looking to increase that shoulder mobility in order to press some more weight! Whether it’s overall shoulder health, or to help keep those gains coming your way in the gym – try... read more

Split Squats to Save The World

What’s your leg day at the gym look like? Why do you do the exercises that you do? Whether it’s overall glute/leg strength, balancing out single leg strength so one leg isn’t weaker than the other, or just plain #BootyWork – this one’s... read more

Free eBook – Ease Pain and Improve Your Mobility

Good day fitness freaks! We’ve had some exceptional engagement with our mobility demos as of late on Instagram and Facebook, I promise we’ll keep them coming! In the mean time, we put together a quick eBook on a few basic mobility drills you can... read more