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It’s NEVER Too Late!

You are not tied to whatever situation you’re in currently. I’m here to tell you that you have the power to change ANYTHING – if you truly want to. Nothing is ever off the table, and especially when it comes to your health, it’s NEVER too late... read more

Would You Take Hockey Advice From Wayne Gretzky?

Such a touchy subject that needs to be touched on more often. You’re lost when it comes to nutrition, you don’t even know where to start, let alone what’s going to work for you, and what the road to your goals even looks like. You’re allowed to... read more

The #1 Reason Why Your Diet NEVER Works

Have you tried more diets than you can even count? Low carb this, high carb that, Keto, fasting, juicing – holy moly the list goes on. Before you watch this quick video Coach B made while off working in Minnesota, just know that it’s not your fault you... read more

Weak Points on the Deadlift? Try These!

So you haven’t been able to toss any more weight on your deadlift for a while, but no matter how many deadlifts you do, you still can’t seem to find a way. You’ve ran through some accessory movements – but still no luck. Check out the video for... read more

3 Steps to an Easier Rope Climb

CALLING ALL SPARTANS! Tired of those burpees? Rope climbs don’t need to be any harder than they already are! Check out this quick video on 3 simple steps to an easier rope climb – or suffer keep suffering through those burpees next race!!! Looking for a... read more

TIP – How to Get Your First Pull Up

Everyone wants to be better at pull ups – but nobody wants to do pull ups. If that first pull up is still eluding you, try one of these progressions to work your way there. Hit some of these 2-3x/week and your chin will be over that bar in no time!!! P.S –... read more