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Weak Points on the Deadlift? Try These!

So you haven’t been able to toss any more weight on your deadlift for a while, but no matter how many deadlifts you do, you still can’t seem to find a way. You’ve ran through some accessory movements – but still no luck. Check out the video for... read more

3 Steps to an Easier Rope Climb

CALLING ALL SPARTANS! Tired of those burpees? Rope climbs don’t need to be any harder than they already are! Check out this quick video on 3 simple steps to an easier rope climb – or suffer keep suffering through those burpees next race!!! Looking for a... read more

TIP – How to Get Your First Pull Up

Everyone wants to be better at pull ups – but nobody wants to do pull ups. If that first pull up is still eluding you, try one of these progressions to work your way there. Hit some of these 2-3x/week and your chin will be over that bar in no time!!! P.S –... read more

HOW TO: See Saw Press + Bent Over Row

A few of my personal favorites as of late – these bad boys will help cure those locked up shoulders and upper back. Whether you find yourself hitting the chiro’s office a little too frequently, or just looking for a new movement to challenge those abs... read more

January 2018 Athlete of the Month – Donna Dupont

Hump day indeed! Welcome back gang, while this post comes at you caffeine free (as of right now) – it’s got some serious firepower behind it. I’m extremely excited to announce the first Athlete of the Month in 2018, congratulations to an OG Villain... read more

Posture 101 – How To Fix It

Long day sitting down at a desk? Where my keyboard warriors at! Whether it’s recovering from a tough shoulder day at the gym, or just feeling a little slouchy after a long day – give these mobility exercises a go. Stop by for a free intro session and find... read more