April 28th - June 8th Accountability & Sustainability


Create consistent habits that work for you and your lifestyle. Health & nutrition should never feel depriving or limited, learn to enjoy your life and explore countless options while continuously moving forward.


Find a realistic approach to nutrition FOR YOU so you can stay consistent long after the program is over. This isn’t a “fix” or “diet” – this is a lifestyle.


Our job is to educate you on what plan is best for you, how to stick with it, and understand the “Why” behind it so you can spend more time enjoying yourself, and less time stressing about it.

Mission Nutrition 2019 is here to solve the “falling off the bandwagon” problem. Far too many people start dieting, or following plans without abandon, and never actually take the time to LEARN and BUILD the HABITS they need to sustain a healthy lifestyle. You’re not going to be following a strict diet for the rest of your life – so why would we treat it like that? It’s time to focus on the basic things that will bring us long term success, instead of jumping from diet to diet, program to program.


Each week we’ll have a different habit to focus, and build on. Everything from sufficient water, vegetable, and protein intake – to meal prep and whole foods. You’ll be given some weekly homework each week all pertaining to building healthier habits surrounding health & nutrition. The biggest reason why people revert back to old ways and never make any progress is largely due to the lack of a solid foundation. The goal of each week is to start creating small, daily, actionable habits that will pave the way for your long term future success with health & nutrition. On top of the weekly homework, we’ll be hosting weekly Q&A sessions to answer all your dying questions on everything nutrition, giving you tools and insight on how to sustain and enjoy your healthy lifestyle, as well as the option to upgrade to a more personal plan – made just for you. 

Who’s This For?

Mission Nutrition 2019 is here for the people who are ready to stop jumping from program to program, and get down to work. Here at VSC we specialize in recognizing individual barriers, both physical and mental – and how to go about creating a plan to surpass them. We understand that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses to improve on, and our world class coaching reflects that. If you’re feeling like you’ve been putting in the work lately but just haven’t seen the desired results, this might be for you. Come find out what’s really holding you back – you might be surprised what you find on the other end.