The Villains Trilogy Challenge

February 3rd - March 16th Physical, Nutritional, and Mental Health


Nobody is exactly like you. Here at VSC, we take pride in our attention to detail and personable coaching. No matter the goal, we’ll stop at nothing to help get you to where you want to be.


Find a realistic approach to health & fitness FOR YOU so you can stay consistent long after the challenge is over, to live the strong and healthy life you deserve.


Our job is to educate you on what plan is best for you, how to stick with it, and understand the “Why” behind it so you can spend more time enjoying yourself, and less time stressing about it.


Work with a nutrition coach weekly to find the best possible option for you to succeed, using a step by step process so you can SUSTAIN it for years to come. Food should be something that excites you – not something to feel guilty about.


Create consistent habits that work for you and your lifestyle. Health & fitness should never feel depriving or limited, learn to enjoy your life and explore countless options while continuously moving forward.


Make health & fitness fun again! This is something that should bring you joy, something you look forward to each day. Get back on track and learn to love it for the process and journey ahead – rather than JUST the outcome.


Don’t worry – it’s not your fault!!! With repetitive, day to day, mundane tasks, we tend to fall into a rut. We get so caught up in our boring daily routines that we completely lose touch with the things that bring us excitement. Things that we truly look forward to and keep us growing as a person. Mix in some sub par nutrition habits, more Netflix than we know what to do with – and we’ve got ourselves one hell of an unhealthy vortex. We’re here to give you your life back. Enough with the “same old” or “usual” – we want you to be excited again! 

Lives Changed

Classes Coached

Cups of Coffee

You can’t just toss some lettuce on your plate, workout two times a week and expect your life to turn around. We’re in the business of Building Healthy Humans, and when it comes to HEALTH – it’s more than just physical. With the highest rate of retention and client success in the city, VSC is the first and/or last stop for anyone on their fitness journey. We love working with people. Like actually “give a shit about your life, help you personally, and educate you on how to make this a positive lifestyle” love working with people. And with years of doing just that – we discovered something pretty amazing. It’s nothing crazy, or new. But our step-by-step, habitual based process peels back the layers of any troubled situation, and gets us back to the basics. You can be eating the healthiest food on the planet and working out five times a week, but if you’re so stressed out you can barely sleep – do you think that’s going to help you lose weight? It’s time to take stock and find out what makes you tick. We want to help you become more fit, lose weight, gain more muscle, and eat a more healthy and balanced diet. But what we want more than anything is to see you apply all that to your REAL LIFE outside the gym, ask for that promotion you never thought you’d get at work, go on that hike with the family on vacation, express yourself and BE YOU.

Here’s How It Works

You’ll receive unlimited access to our group classes here at VSC after a couple intro classes, along with weekly nutrition check ins to help you stay consistent with YOUR plan. Our program involves a mixture of targeted strength training to help wake up and build up those muscles you never thought you had, and a sweaty conditioning workout to cap it all off to make it the best hour of your day. This healthy “lifestyle” is exactly that – a LIFESTYLE. No shortcuts, weird supplements, or magic bullets here. Our step-by-step approach will ease you into it (or back into it) and help you learn new habits that you can SUSTAIN, and be successful with. With over 40 classes per week to choose from, and a world class coach to help you along the way in each and every class you attend – you’ll wonder why you never found us in the first place.

Who’s This For?

The Villains Trilogy Challenge is here for the people who are ready to stop jumping from gym to gym, program to program, and finally get some TRACTION. Here at VSC we specialize in recognizing individual barriers, both physical and mental – and how to go about creating a plan to surpass them. We understand that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses to improve on, and our world class coaching reflects that. If you’re feeling like you’ve been putting in the work lately but just haven’t seen the desired results, this might be for you. It’s going to be hard, it’s going to challenge you, and it’s going to require you to stay focused on the task at hand. You’ll get out EXACTLY what you put into this program – or you can keep trying the same stuff and hope for different results. Ball’s in your court.