In this Episode of Projekt Possible we chat with the men in charge of brUTE strength about everything from strengthening the mind through visualization to building the body using a solid program. Tommy Hackenbruck is a 5x Games competitor and the owner of two CrossFit gyms and he teaches us a thing or two about putting a team together and creating an ideal atmosphere for athletic gains. Mike Cazayoux, also a Games competitor, is the CEO and director of strength and conditioning for brUTE and tells us about building a business, but also about growing a relationship with a woman whose strength challenges his personal ego. This episode is brimming with so many tips and tricks we cannot include them in the show notes, and we fully recommend sitting down and listening with a pen in hand. Click play now for advice on everything from dating to training to mindfulness from these two guys who so generously share from both their hearts and their minds.

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Projekt Possible – Making Mind and Body Strength Gainz with Mike Cazayoux and Tommy Hackenbruck

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