This year is going by so fast already I can’t even remember what I had for lunch yesterday, let alone anything else. Although, throughout the month of February (and a lot of January) a certain individual has demonstrated an exceptional amount of hard work, making the month extremely memorable. We are here today to crown the MVP for the month of February here at CFV, a big congratulations goes out to Carmen Hughes for being our Athlete of the Month!

Carmen for the most part would frequent the gym here about three times a week, and for the most part she would be accompanied by her sister Ashton for the first few months of her journey here at CFV. They both have a background in Womens Softball with playing for teams in the U.S while going to school, and Carmen had already quite the impressive base level of strength when she first walked in. But I saw more potential. She would come in for those three days per week but to be honest, it seemed like she was holding herself back, maybe not pushing as hard as she could be, or not fully committing to herself. There would be weeks where I would see her all three times, and then others where I would maybe only see her once. Being a full time nursing student, as well as working two jobs (maybe even three at once point, we can’t be certain) she is always on the go. In late January/early February she made a shift. She decided to commit to the things she really enjoyed and focused on improving everything she needed to. She made the jump to an unlimited membership here in order to attend our new weightlifting class and some days even comes in twice! Making leaps and bounds in the weightlifting category with her numbers continuing to climb everyday, ruthlessly working on her mobility everyday before class starts and even at home, and just simply having more fun. It’s amazing to watch someone find pure enjoyment out of the things they do, and seeing all the hard work they put in shine day in and day out. Carmen might have blood dripping from her shins literally every time she touches a barbell, but her commitment is second to none. Over the past month she has displayed an amazing amount of work ethic and discipline to stick to what she had promised herself, whatever it was – it’s working. Carmen, where ever you decide to go in life or whatever decisions you make, continue to carry this commitment and discipline with you. Seeing someone dive in every single day and continue to work relentlessly is one of the things that makes my job the best in the world, and Carmen let’s me live that dream every day. Thank you for trusting the process, and thank you for your dedication to yourself. Congratulations Carmen!!!

Carmen Hughes
Favorite WOD: Anything with pull ups (because I can finally do them unassisted) or wall balls.
Least Favorite WOD: Burpees. Period.
Why CrossFit?
CrossFit gives me the chance to test myself constantly. There are no words to describe the comradery at CFV, everyone supports one another can I can count on them to tell me when I’m slacking off even if I don’t realize it! I know the coaches will not hesitate to tell me to stop being a suck and put more weight on the bar if a lift isn’t challenging me. CrossFit and CFV has improved my outlook on life and it has made me fall in love with fitness!
One Word That Best Describes You: Adventurous.