Working in the health & fitness field I always find myself asking questions as to why people spend massive amounts of money on things, but when approached to purchase a piece of equipment for their home, gym membership, some foods at the grocery store – they deem them as “Too Expensive.” Understandably some things are more expensive than the rest, and everyone has a different financial situation that may or may not allow them to do certain things. Today I’m not focused on telling people how to live their life, but rather maybe help them discover what truly means something to them and to see where the priorities may lie in your life. A simple shift in mindset could change the way you see things.

If you look back on your last months bank statement, what do you see? I see frequent trips to the grocery store (like, frequent lol), books, courses, some new gym equipment, and the usual monthly bills. It paints a pretty clear picture as to where the money is going and how much of it is going towards it. So the next time you’re approached to buy a weight set for your home gym for $150, but you graciously decline because it’s too expensive – take a look at that statement again. If your health means something to you, but you spent over $200 this month on going out to eat and having drinks – are you really putting your health first? If you didn’t spend that $200+ on restaurant food and drinks you’d have more than enough for that weight set. But what takes precedence? If you injured your shoulder playing baseball with the guys and wanted to go to physio to get it checked out, but held off because $90 was a bit pricy, but you just bought the new iPhone on sale for $200 because you’re sick of your old one and wanted the new version – what comes first?

People are extremely obsessed with purchasing and collecting “Things” now a days. Guess what doesn’t aide in helping you potentially live longer and stick around almost all your life? Things. I gotta give a shout out to the millenials on this one because they get a bad rap, but in reality they’re doing it right. They’re taking trips, spending money on experiences and not things, investing in themselves and not objects. You ever look back at your TV and remember the outrageously good time you had with friends while buying it? Probably not. If you enjoy spending your time and money on these types of things I am no one to say you’re wrong, this is all personal preference as to what you value in life. But if you value your health, well being, an overall quality of life, but still find it hard to do or invest in these things – it might be time for a shift in perspective.

Next time you go to purchase that gym membership – think of it as an investment. You’re investing in yourself to become a better version of you, to potentially prolong your life and live a more active lifestyle and enjoy more of what you want to do. You’re pumping money into your own well being and experiences instead of something you would potentially throw away after 12 months. If you actually value something and it means a great deal to you – you’ll find a way to incorporate that into your life no matter what you have to do. If you don’t, you’ll probably just keep making excuses as to how you haven’t got where you want to be for some other reason. Find out what’s important to you, and if it’s actually important – go get it.