You know what time it is. We’re back yet again for the prestigious award for MVP here at Villains Strength & Conditioning!!! Some would say this award stacks up very similar to a Stanley Cup, or Superbowl status even. None the less – we’ve gathered in over our phones and computers alike to present the award for Athlete of the Month for May. The MVP goes out to Ashton Hughes!!! Woooooooooo, congrats Ashton! Well deserved and well overdue.

Ashton has been putting in some outstanding work for what feels like forever, so naturally we had to make sure she got her picture up on the Athlete of the Month wall here at VSC. She initially came in back in January of 2015 already having some strength & conditioning experience under her belt from her college days. Ashton attended college in Nebraska while playing ball, so she was exposed to some exceptional coaching and workout programs already! Looking back on Ashtons journey thus far, she’s made some huge progress and changes in almost every aspect of her life from what I can see. She’s always been an extremely hard worker with going to school full time for years of her life, but still working and keeping every other area of her life in check. When she initially came in it was already apparent that she had some experience, but there’s always room to grow. While she has made some pretty amazing progress in the strength department (pulled her first 300lb deadlift late last year) some of her struggles came in the form of food consumption. She ate well, but didn’t necessarily know the quantities. She joined in with us when we completed a Whole Life Challenge and did pretty good! Lost a little weight, felt better all around, and was still killing the workouts. But after the challenge was over it was hard for her to stay consistent. If you haven’t met Ashton before, she’s a very competitive girl. If you give her a task or challenge – she’ll almost always be up for it and will give it her all while doing it. So she made a commitment to herself and signed up for some nutrition coaching from one of our amazing nutrition coaches here at VSC. In that time she absolutely GRINDED. Followed the plan, stayed consistent, and stayed true to herself and what she set out to do. Nothing crazy I might add, just followed the guidelines set by her nutrition coach and knew that in order to be successful she had to prepare her meals for busy days ahead, and stay consistent with her tracking, eating, and workouts. In the time that she worked with Alanna (about 12 weeks) + a little more, she lost 15lbs, SEVERAL inches, and put on some lean muscle. Not to mention she basically PR’s everything every time we test. We chose Ashton for the MVP award this month not because she has made huge improvements with her lifts and workouts, or the fact that she has lost a significant amount of weight and inches (although none of those are small feats what so ever) but rather the reason why she met those goals. Ashton represents everything we stand for when it comes to health & nutrition – prep and consistency. It doesn’t matter what the day brings, she’s prepped and ready to go and sticks to her plan. She even spent a month in New Zealand with family and still did her best to stay on track so she wouldn’t come back and have to start all over again. Thanks for reppin us well Ashton, you’re one of the hardest working people I know and everything in life that comes your way is a result of all the hard work you’ve put in. Congrats!!!

Ashton Hughes 
Favorite WOD: “Grace”
Least Favorite WOD: “Fight Gone Bad”
Why CrossFit?
In my university years I played competitive softball for the University of Nebraska Omaha, where we would have 3 mornings a week designated for conditioning and weight lifting. When that ended, I tried to do my own thing at the university gym, but quickly lost interest. When my sister had suggested that we should try CrossFit, like many, I was hesitant. Thinking about the CrossFit Games athletes, I thought it was going to be too hard for me. After discovering that I didn’t have to make up my own workouts, and that everything can be scaled, I quickly became involved in the CrossFit world. I enjoy not waiting for equipment to be free, and someone is always there making sure that you are lifting safe. The atmosphere is non-judgmental, encouraging and supportive. I’ll never go back to a normal gym.
One Word That Best Describes You: Competitive