Happy Monday everyone! As I sat in my chair, slowly eating breakfast, probably procrastinating on this post – I came across numerous Monday motivation posts on social media. And while this is indeed off topic, I couldn’t in good conscience make a blog post without touching on this first.

Motivation is all fine and dandy. It helps us when we need that extra boost for sure, but should never be something you need to rely on in order to yield a specific outcome, or force a certain action. If motivation is what you lack – you need to spend more time thinking about how you can create more sustainable and enjoyable HABITS, rather than complaining that you don’t have any motivation. I’m not overly motivated to sit down and write a blog post or article, but content is what I do on Mondays! It’s a habit now! So enough with the motivational posts for a second, and take a deeper look into how you’re wired as a human so you can set yourself up for success in the best way possible. Hint – the best way possible is probably a little more fun than your approach right now.

ANYWAY. That’s neither here nor there. We’re here to give praise to the MVP for the month of October. A gentlemen who I think stays true to what I explained above, and really gets the big picture. Ladies and gents, Greg Scarth is your Mr. October – your athlete of the month!

Greg strolled into our lives here back in May of this year. He came in for the odd bring a friend day/SocialWOD when we held them, and even when he came in and picked up a punch pass I still wasn’t 100% convinced. For the record, apparently as of late that has been my answer more times than I’d like to admit – but I’m loving the fact that I’m being proven wrong by everyone. Greg was certainly one exception. I had it on theory that Coach Robyn was the one to talk him into working out more and coming in for classes with us, but if you’re truly curious you should talk to the man yourself! Maybe compliment his beard while you’re at it 😉 However it happened, Greg started up with us and I’m ecstatic he did. At first I found myself truly enjoying the times I had with him in class because I had someone to shoot the shit about the latest episode of the Joe Rogan podcast that just aired – but still trying to find the right way to communicate proper instruction with the lifts with him. He’s a great listener, comes in and puts his best effort forward each and every time, but still there was something that wasn’t quite working. For anyone truly curious as to how a Coach or Trainer (in my honest opinion) approaches a session or class in regards to developing individuals to their best potential – it requires an enormous amount of trial and error. Sometimes you find the right cue almost immediately, sometimes you spend hours upon hours searching for the right one. With Greg it was somewhere in the middle. It seems easy but for Greg it was all about control and stability. He’s got some impressive hip and ankle mobility for a dude (weird compliment I KNOW) so full depth squatting was never really an issue. The issue was usually a problem of not having much tension in the bottom position of a squat which ended in him not finishing the lift or ascending too far forward. Again, sounds like a simple fix, but humans are extremely unique in what they process and what they understand.

Jump ahead to now and Greg is a consistent, and regular member here at VSC. Yes his squat has improved tenfold, yes he’s continuously learning new skills and honing in others on a daily basis. But if you’ve read my posts before, specifically the athlete’s of the month, you know I’m more excited about the real life stuff.

Like I mentioned above – Greg gets it. He’s a big picture kind of guy. He understands that we’re only in the gym for an hour a day, and that’s not a terrible amount of time in the grand scheme of things. He takes the approach (listen in because this is important) in that we’re in the gym to not only better our squat or bench – but to better ourselves and take those lessons we’ve learned inside these four walls into daily life. To instill positive work habits and work on the single most important thing you have with you at all times – your overall health. Not only understanding the big picture, but being an incredibly supportive human being along the way and spreading that positive vibe throughout the gym is something I never thought Greg would bring to the table. But here we are.

I can honestly say it brings a smile to my face when I see Greg come in for a workout every time, and he’s become an integral part of the community that continues to help us move forward with the same vision in mind. Greg you’re a stand up dude and Monster (his boy) is incredibly lucky to have someone like you in his life. On that note you should start feeding him tons of protein – we need a mini protege weightlifter and he looks like he could fit the bill.

Congrats to you Greg!!!

Greg Scarth 
Favorite WOD:“DT” and anything with rowing.
Least Favorite WOD: Anything with wall balls
Why CrossFit?
Well, someone would say they tricked me into going at first haha. Really, I was unmotivated and intimidated going to the gym by myself, and just needed something/someone to kick me in the ass and get me going. One SocialWOD later, I was kicked into moving and then some (I actually felt like I’d been kicked just about everywhere). As sore as I was, I was hooked. As much as I love killing myself several times a week, the community is what really keeps me going, and you can’t get any more support, encouragement, and just plain fun while grinding it out. Even outside the gym, you can still feel the love and inspiration seeping into your everyday life. I really couldn’t be prouder to call these people my gym fam.
One Word That Best Describes You: Smiles!