Hump day indeed! Welcome back gang, while this post comes at you caffeine free (as of right now) – it’s got some serious firepower behind it. I’m extremely excited to announce the first Athlete of the Month in 2018, congratulations to an OG Villain – Donna Dupont!

Donna strolled in back in 2013, when we were initially doing some intro sessions at 6:00 AM only. Come to think of it, I think those are the only two 6:00 AM classes Donna has ever attended! She was referred in by her friend Kylie, who at the time was living here working (now in Saskatoon, come back we miss you). I learned very early that Donna was one to speak her mind, but you could never catch her without a smile on. Even after some of the worst workouts she’s been through, where I’m sure she wasn’t at all too pleased with me, it was all laughs before she left for the day. Of course she was stubborn, some days it would feel like pulling teeth for her to toss on an extra 5lbs to the barbell instead of lifting the same weight we’ve done many times before. But never the less, she continued to trudge away.

For a brief period she was doing extremely well, squatting well over 200lbs (she’s about 5 foot 0), putting up some of the top workout scores, doing very well overall. But after a little while it seemed she lost a little drive, lost the reason why she had been doing this. She would come in and we would work on her weaknesses, but she was more interested most days in just putting in the work instead of trying to gain some ground. Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting in the work, but there’s gotta be a driving factor. There’s gotta be something that makes you flip that switch from just putting in the work, to, striving for the utmost best each and every day. And as a coach sometimes that can be a difficult line to navigate. Whenever I have someone in the gym, the goal is always to be able to teach them something. To have them walk out more confident, happy, and better than they walked in. So continuously pushing without knowing if that same drive was within her as well made the job challenging at times. But just a couple months ago, Donna found her switch.

She had just returned from a vacation with Kylie, and she was back and better than ever. She continued on with her healthier eating habits she enjoyed while in California with Kylie, her overall effort and drive within the gym is at an all time high with her completing many Performance workouts as prescribed, and soaking in all the information and using it to the best of her abilities. She even made herself a new years resolution to try and remember peoples names more often, so she can better interact with them. Although there have been many things that have changed for Donna (all extremely good), one still stays the same – she’s always smiling and filling the room with laughter from her not-so traditional morning stories from work. Whether it’s just her in the class, or with 8 other people, it’s always a great day and an absolute pleasure to have her in class. Thanks for the 4.5 years Donna, the 8:00 AM class wouldn’t be the same without you!

Donna Dupont
Favorite WOD: Anything with back squats or thrusters
Least Favorite WOD: Anything with rowing or running
Why CrossFit?
I had issues sticking with other gyms. My friend did CrossFit and really liked it so she tole me to try it. So I did and it was the best decision. It works for me because the workouts are made up for me, I don’t have to think about what movements to put together, or which day should be weight day or cardio day etc. There’s no complicated machines for me to hurt myself on lol, I enjoy the atmosphere and the encouragement/pushing I get from fellow members and coaches to do better or try harder – even if it’s not graceful at first.
One Word That Best Describes You: Bubbly