It’s far too easy to get fixated on the scale, or the person you’re looking at in the mirror every single day. We judge ourselves constantly based off the way we look, how other people see us, and whether or not we like this image of ourselves and what we think it should look like. More often than not, people don’t notice that all these things they wish they had (solid daily/weekly routine, prepped meals, more confidence, increased happiness, the list goes on) are right in front of them! Tiff has such an amazing story with her nutrition journey when it comes to mindset side of things, if you’ve ever struggled with body image or self confidence – watch this right now.
And if you’re still struggling to find a plan that works for you – schedule a chat with us! Our job SPECIFICALLY is to find an approach that works with your life, give you the tools and education you need in order to be successful, and help guide you every step of the way to navigate tricky situations, and give you all the accountability you need to start making healthier choices that STICK.