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4 Reasons Why We’re Successful

As the year goes on we see more and more fitness facilities pop up from all walks of life. This is excellent news! It means that the people of YQR have taken it upon themselves to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. With that being said however – how does... read more

Back to Basics – Planks or GTFO

There are PLENTY of Facebook and Instagram accounts out there offering quick easy ab workouts to do, no matter where you are! And while the goal of a lot of these accounts is to simply just get you moving, which is excellent – just know this. The plank is... read more

We’re Not Selling You A Gym Membership

It’s tough to communicate to everyone on the outside looking in what happens inside these 4 walls. If you’ve never been – you may not know. We’re not here to simply sell you a gym membership and then set you on your way to workout on your own.... read more

March 2017 Athlete of the Month – RaeAnn Brenner

This post is brought to you by 2 and 1/2 cups of finely french pressed Peruvian coffee. That being said, if I go off on a tangent on something completely off topic – I CAN’T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. But we know why we’re here. It’s time to take... read more

Every Bro in the Gym Has a Shoulder Problem

Okay so not EVERY bro in the gym has a shoulder problem, but the number is higher than you think. More than half of the complimentary 1-on-1 introductory classes I do there’s always a conversation about previous injuries, and the shoulder is brought up a lot. So... read more

An Open Letter to All the Fellas at the Gym

While I am obviously completely biased in my opinion – the days of the regular globo gym goers are starting to slow down. With more and more local fitness hubs opening up (especially here in YQR), the options are endless for people looking to either get into the... read more