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The Banded Pigeon

I usually call this one the pigeon on steroids, but that just creates a weirdly terrifying image in my head. Either or – check this bad boy out. A great addition to the mobility segment of your training, especially if the regular pigeon stretch has you a bit... read more

Lock Out Like You Mean It – Finishing the Deadlift

The deadlift is probably one of the biggest lifts I have to go over when someone first starts strength training – and even with most experienced gym goers! We’ve made a few videos on the deadlift itself, but this one is all about the lockout. There are... read more

August 2017 Athlete of the Month – Michael Cosgrove

Good day everyone! Hopefully the fall season has been enjoyable for you all, summer is indeed over – but the good times are still rolling over here at VSC! With each month passing we are due yet again to give some serious props out. The infamous Athlete of the... read more