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Building Healthy Humans – VSC x WHCC

Field trip to Wheelhouse Cycle Club and we were talking everything GLUTES! 1. How to better activate them BEFORE your ride 2. Where to position yourself DURING the ride to best use those buns of steel 3. Some post ride mobility AFTER a sweaty vault session to avoid... read more

May 2017 Athlete of the Month – Ashton Hughes

You know what time it is. We’re back yet again for the prestigious award for MVP here at Villains Strength & Conditioning!!! Some would say this award stacks up very similar to a Stanley Cup, or Superbowl status even. None the less – we’ve... read more

April 2017 Athlete of the Month – Charles Asselin

What’s goin on fitness freaks?! As per usual, better late than never, we’re here for another edition of the Athlete of the Month. It’s been a busy couple months here at the palace – but we’re here! The award for Athlete of the Month for... read more

How to Stop Your Knees From Caving In While Squatting

No two people squat the exact same, therefore everyone needs different cues in order to fix problems that arise in the squat. With this cue used in the video, it helps someone who maybe doesn’t have an arch in their foot which results in an excessive pronated... read more

The Weak Will Die First

For all the questions we receive daily on a variety of topics surrounding health & fitness – most of them can be answered with strength training. As I state in just about every article I publish, I’m obviously a huge fan of exercise in general –... read more

4 Reasons Why We’re Successful

As the year goes on we see more and more fitness facilities pop up from all walks of life. This is excellent news! It means that the people of YQR have taken it upon themselves to live a more healthy and active lifestyle. With that being said however – how does... read more