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FREE eBook – Optimize Your Food Intake

Do you eat when you’re hungry? Do you stop eating when you are full? Do you know what hunger and fullness feel like? How about eating more food to reach your goals, being mindful while eating, or some killer breakfast hacks?! All this and TONS more, with our new... read more

FREE eBOOK – The Wonderful World of Sleep

Have you noticed that when you are tired or rundown that your body craves those carb-heavy calorie-filled foods? Well you’re not alone. Studies have shown that getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night is associated with obesity. It throws our hormones out of... read more

Mindset – The Mental Side of Nutrition (FREE eBook)

Do you eat well to be and feel healthier? Or are you in it for the physical results? Neither answer is right or wrong. We are generally curious.  Often times by focusing on one of these, the other starts to happen. Usually weight loss is the goal and improved health... read more

The Devil Inside of You

From what feels like a mental health hangover day, or maybe it’s just too god damn cold outside – I have some words for you. We wake up every single morning and suit up, like a gladiator preparing for battle, and then set off for the day of adventure.... read more

FREE eBook – Meal Prep For Success

This week we are sharing some secrets to making meal prep more enjoyable, less time consuming and something you might actually do for the rest of your life. No matter what the goal may be, being prepared and taking control of our outcomes will grant you the best... read more

Booty Building With the KB Swing?!

BOOTY GAINS with KB Swings? Not if you’re swinging the wrong way. Hint: It’s probably doing more harm to your back if you don’t fix it! Skip the long way around – CLICK HERE to find out how you can start losing fat, gaining muscle, and increase... read more