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January 2017 Athlete of the Month – Ashley Smith

Happy Thursday everyone!!! Everyone getting excited/nervous for the Open to kick off today!? If you’re trying to bet on what workouts you think we’re gonna see this year – you can stop guessing lol. People always ask me what I think we have in store... read more

December 2016 Athlete of the Month – Curtis Hart

Woahhhhh, happy February everyone! Hopefully you enjoyed January because IT’S ALREADY GONE. Lol wow. Quick month for me – not sure about you guys, but none the less we’re here (late yes) to crown the MVP for the last month of 2016. The December 2016... read more

Do You Need Previous Experience to Join?

One of the bigger obstacles we have to overcome here at VSC is the notion that you have to be in some sort of physical shape before you even set foot in the door. While this is a common question we get asked, “Do I need previous experience to join?” it... read more

Squat/Deadlift More With This Warm Up

While more and more people are out there picking up barbells now a days (huge win) there is also never been a time where people are more in need of direction and education. There’s untapped potential everywhere I look! Something you can start doing TODAY to help... read more