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Life in Sweatpants

What a beautiful tragedy to recognize the need and hunger for more, a constant push or search for that next best thing that might hold the key to the door you’ve been desperately pounding on for what it feels like an eternity. A beautiful tragedy indeed that... read more

Bulletproof Shoulders Warm Up

Throw this shoulder warm up into the mix for your next upper body day. The goal of a warm up should be to warm up, wake up, and engage the muscles that are going to be worked in multiple ranges of motion. Quit walking into the gym and throwing around a dumbbell for 30... read more

November 2017 Athlete of the Month – Krystle Hagen

Afternoon gang – and Happy New Year! We’re back at it (maybe a month behind) but we’re still back! Hopefully everyone has been enjoying 2018 so far, any big changes happening for you this year? We’ll be seeing our fair share of new stuff here... read more

3 Mobility Drills to Help You Squat More Weight

You can’t lift like a boss if you’re not recovering like one. Be sure to add these stretches to your leg day mobility so you can keep squatting heavy, or at the very least recover from a heavy leg day. In the video we go over a couple variations you can do... read more