The Villains Transformation Challenge

January 14th - April 8th Fitness. Nutrition. Health


Learn to execute a wide range of movements from some of the top fitness coaches in YQR. No matter the goal, we’ll stop at nothing to help get you to where you want to be.


Find a realistic approach to health & fitness FOR YOU so you can stay consistent long after the challenge is over, to live the strong and healthy life you deserve.


Our job is to educate you on what plan is best for you, how to stick with it, and understand the “Why” behind it so you can spend more time enjoying yourself, and less time stressing about it.


Work 1-on-1 with a nutrition coach weekly to find the best possible option for you to succeed, deepen your knowledge on nutrition and how to fuel yourself. Food should be something that excites you – not something to feel guilty about.


Create consistent habits that work for you and your lifestyle. Health & fitness should never feel depriving or limited, learn to enjoy your life and explore countless options while continuously moving forward.


Make health & fitness fun again! This is something that should bring you joy, something you look forward to each day. Get back on track and learn to love it for the process and journey ahead – rather than JUST the outcome.


The #1 reason why we’re so successful and people choose to work with us is because our coaches are invested in your progress. Find out what quality coaching REALLY looks like and where your potential lies. 

Lives Changed

Classes Coached

Cups of Coffee

With the Villains Transformation Challenge you’ve got two options. FLY SOLO and complete your workout program provided by us at whichever gym you’re currently attending, while still receiving weekly check ins with your nutrition coach on your custom plan. Or GO ALL IN and get access to our facility and unlimited group classes, on top of the weekly check ins with your nutrition coach.

Come Workout With Us

By going ALL IN you’ll receive unlimited access to our group classes here at VSC, along with weekly check ins with your nutrition coach to help you stay consistent with YOUR plan. Our program involves a mixture of targeted strength training to help wake up and build up those muscles you never thought you had, and a sweaty conditioning workout to cap it all off to make it the best hour of your day. With over 40 classes per week to choose from, and a world class coach to help you along the way in each and every class you attend – you’ll wonder why you never found us in the first place.


Fly Solo

Prefer to fly solo? Don’t sweat it. With the solo option we’ll be in touch with you each week of the challenge with your workout program, as well as a weekly check in with your nutrition coach to help keep you accountable and adjust your plan as needed. Our workouts will come with detailed instructions as to what the overall focus and intent should be for each week so you’re not left in the cold wondering what to do, demo videos to ensure you’re moving correctly, and everything in between. You’ll need access to some strength equipment as the program will be utilizing some similar targeted strength exercises we use here.


Who’s This For?

The Villains Transformation Challenge is here for the people who are ready to stop jumping from gym to gym, program to program, and get down to work. Here at VSC we specialize in recognizing individual barriers, both physical and mental – and how to go about creating a plan to surpass them. We understand that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses to improve on, and our world class coaching reflects that. If you’re feeling like you’ve been putting in the work lately but just haven’t seen the desired results, this might be for you. Come find out what’s really holding you back – you might be surprised what you find on the other end.


Cash prizes, Villains gear, and a 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP up for grabs!!!